End of Year Awards 2008 - Pure Statistics

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Best Meditation

Meditation levels constitute a game of their own within Enigma. They appear on a regular basis and help the gamer to relax once in a while. But some meditations demand extraordinary tasks by themselves. Here are our nominated best meditations.

You can give each level 1 up to 5 points, 5 is the best. Vote with “-”, if you don't know the level or don't want to judge it.

In total 30 votes plus 34 empty votes.

PointsVotes Average
104273.852Mountain Climbing (VII/22) {joe10_1}
61173.588Cold Meditation (VII/21) {ral18_1}
96273.556Meditation Puzzle (IV/20) {duffy01_1}
84253.360V/20 (V/20) {ralf12_1}
93283.321What's the Problem? (IV/49) {ss14_1}
80263.077Shrinking Pits (V/10) {duffy23_1}
72243.000Group Trip to Meditation (VI/90) {duffy136_1}
71242.958Space Meditation (II/40) {duffy59_1}
74272.741Catwalk Meditation V/ (V/80) {ral05_1}
71262.731IV/30 (IV/30) {ant23_1}
70262.692Hot Meditation VI/ (VI/50) {ral08_1}
69262.654Snow White (III/40) {ant15_1}
68262.615Bad Flowers (III/60) {nat30_1}

Best Action Level

Jumping, speed, mouse acrobatics—these are some of the pillars of Enigma gameplay. Yet, when it comes to determining the best levels, these aspects often take a back seat to the puzzles. But this year, we want to honor the best levels of this genre as well!

In total 30 votes plus 25 empty votes.

PointsVotes Average
101283.607Diving (VII/2) {joona13_1}
73213.476Phaeton (VI/35) {andreas39_1}
61183.389A Cooler Spot In Hell (VI/66) {andreas43_2}
79243.292Rush Hour Traffic (III/44) {duffy62_1}
69213.286Revolver (VI/71) {ral16_1}
63203.150Caribbean Waters (VII/4) {duffy139_1}
78253.120Mourning Palace (IV/38) {ant08_1}
68232.957Think Fast (III/88) {duffy85_2}
73262.808Unfair! (III/99) {ant33_1}
74272.741Snakes (I/5) {duffy19_1}
63232.739Humid Maze (V/43) {duffy133_2}
64242.667Run Like Hell (IV/57) {ralf09_1}
58222.636Black Diamond Course (III/41) {duffy28_1}
55212.619Comet (VII/3) {duffy147_1}

Best Onescreener

It is difficult and rare for One-Screen-Levels to become Level of the Month. Yet, there are many pearls in this category, which deserve to be celebrated.

In total 29 votes plus 26 empty votes.

PointsVotes Average
92224.182Industrial Puzzles (VI/98) {raoul30_2}
89243.708Plan Ahead (V/21) {duffy114_2}
95263.654What a Mess (IV/58) {duffy68_2}
90253.600Procrustes (VI/36) {andreas34_1}
86243.583Laser Path (V/4) {andreas06_1}
71203.550Protected Exhibition (VII/16) {duffy156_1}
76223.455Tandem Chess (VI/86) {luc34_1}
72223.273Laser Splitting (VI/6) {luc29_1}
62193.263Red Herrings (VI/14) {andy01_3}
70233.043Laser Tricks (III/55) {duffy84_1}
56192.947Polar Bears' Paradise (VI/99) {ral19_1}
55212.619The Flagstone Reaper (IV/64) {andreas09_1}
57222.591Magic Trinity (VI/81) {duffy146_1}

Best Design

A level not only impresses with puzzles and challenges, but sometimes with pure beauty to the eye, with elegance and originality.

In total 30 votes plus 25 empty votes.

PointsVotes Average
93234.043Temple of Gold (VII/24) {duffy151_3}
91243.792Island Labyrinth (V/100) {duffy129_1}
101283.607Diving (VII/2) {joona13_1}
93263.577Gods of Enigma II (V/69) {mp02_1}
85243.542Elaborate (V/65) {duffy126_1}
82243.417Turnstiles for Two (VI/77) {ral17_2}
93283.321Flood Gates (IV/17) {nat08_1}
69223.136A Cooler Spot In Hell (VI/66) {andreas43_2}
73252.920Solar System (II/39) {duffy98_1}
63222.864Temple of Ganesha (VII/8) {duffy154_1}
66252.640Laserpowered (VI/41) {raoul20_1}
63252.520Bright Dots (III/38) {raoul09_1}
56262.154Sleeping Serpent (IV/59) {raoul10_1}
47232.043be quick or be dead (VI/54) {illmind12_1}

Funniest Level (6/7)

Some levels stand out by their original, amusing or surprising gameplay. They offer light, joyfully-played entertainment in Enigma.

In total 30 votes plus 24 empty votes.

PointsVotes Average
88263.385What's the Problem? (IV/49) {ss14_1}
80243.333Pac Marble (VI/5) {andreas22_1}
96293.310Diving (VII/2) {joona13_1}
75253.000Coloured Doors (III/8) {luc03_1}
64222.909Oxyd Drilling (VI/92) {duffy140_1}
64222.909Pontoon bridges (VI/82) {duffy137_1}
66232.870The Turtle (III/45) {ant05_1}
71252.840Enigris (V/92) {ralf04_1}
65232.826Tarzan (VI/56) {ulf03_1}
64232.783The Flagstone Reaper (IV/64) {andreas09_1}
62232.696Help Yourself (V/79) {duffy113_1}
55232.391Antimaze (IV/7) {luc02_2}
56242.333Kaleidoscope (II/22) {duffy118_1}
48222.182Confetti (I/78) {duffy74_1}

Language ratio

  • English: 130
  • German: 153
  • Russian: 10
  • Total: 293

Date statistics

Please note that this table (in contrast to all preceding ones) additionally counts corrections to existing entries. The column “Question X” states how many users clicked on one of the submit-buttons in the corresponding questionnaire.

DateEntriesQuestion 1Question 9
2008-12-0128 5 0
2008-12-0299 20 0
2008-12-0316 2 0
2008-12-0440 8 0
2008-12-0520 3 0
2008-12-0616 4 0
2008-12-0710 2 0
2008-12-0827 4 0
2008-12-091 1 0
2008-12-1111 2 0
2008-12-1217 3 0
2008-12-141 1 0
2008-12-165 1 0
2008-12-175 1 0
2008-12-1811 2 0
2008-12-196 2 0
2008-12-2011 2 0
2008-12-212 1 0
Sum326 64 0

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