The Novice — “We welcome you”

Interested friends ask me, what is Enigma like? Is a game with all those many levels worthwhile? … I say to them: Be glad, you still have all of them to play! The novice looks perplexed at the first twelve “previews” of the opened level pack and begins playing “Welcome”—and opens “his” first oxyds, still unsure of the handling of the marble that is now under his thumb. Was that it!? Yes—Level finished. That easy? Yes—in some respect every level is a “Welcome”-level … with more or fewer obstacles! Light up the oxyds—and, as a diversion, meditate in “meditation levels”: make the marble “stay put”. The preview shows the novice, still basking in the glow of the solved “Welcome”, that every enclosed level differs in color, composition, shape …, and during his first contact with the “death's-head” he experiences “landscapes” that present varying degrees of challenge, perils, that seem limitless in their evolution: Over 1000 levels! And then he realises: Yes—I know that completing this level means x% of them solved, but there is still much to do—fortunately! And thanks to all those that made this possible. And maybe, some day, he starts to “make it possible” as well: We welcome you!


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