The Novice — “Easy?” — Dragging the Boxes

Walking through the Tutorial, our novice is confronted with probable, exemplary “scenarios”:
For example, with water landscapes!
How does he get to the other site? — Then he sees those wooden boxes, “st_wood” — this stone is one of the most fundamental in Enigma: Moveable, moveable-onto-things, moveable-from-things, bridge-building across water and over abysses, eminently combinable! This versatility explains its ubiquity throughout Enigma levels: In sokoban-like games, puzzle-games, landscapes. The player asks himself quite often, e.g. in “Waterworld”, how many “st_woods” have to be placed correctly to get nearer to the solution? Push here, push there, but be sure to push correctly!
Then our novice starts to play the level “Easy?”. As within a nightmare he perceives these “fascinating” logical exercises as if they were intelligence tests — something so many of us are frightened of (You know you are!). And he thinks to himself, “Oh dear” — where do all these boxes go?! And he starts to work out some approaches to the solution. Yes, it really is “dragging the boxes!” Easy? I did it! Welcome to Enigma!


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