The Novice — “Make the tools you need!” is the motto in “Do it yourself”

Let's face it—do you still read instruction manuals? Do you have the time, the patience for this? The diligent one answers “yes”— me not. Curiously, I just start the level—true to the motto “TRIAL AND ERROR”.
With success.
But now I'm stuck. I couldn't solve the “Advanced Tutorial”—no idea how to create swords, hammers. Detention class, consulting the manual …
Me as a “Stone Age Enigmian” have to learn, how to beat knights, how to forge tools: hammer, weapons: sword … I become a craftsman, producer, inventor:
Is the 2-cents coin just worth the money, or is it good for … How to generate umbrellas.
A kind gesture by the Enigmian Gods, to give my marble the opportunity to civilize itself:
“Arm” yourself, use the tools, learn their applications! So, after all, study the instruction manual? Just consult the Enigma-Wikipedia …


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