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Up Main Features

  • Puzzle game with a dexterity component.
  • Non violent - a game for young and old.
  • More than 1000 different levels guarantee longtime entertainment.
  • Stable 1.00 Release with more than 200 000 downloads in two months.
  • Translated to many languages:
     English  German  French  Spanish  Portuguese  Italian  Dutch  Swedish  Finnish  Russian  Hungarian
  • High-resolution 2D graphics.
  • Realistic physics simulation.
  • More than 500 different game objects.
  • Available for all Windows versions, Mac OSX, most Linux distributions, many other Unix versions.
  • Completely free!

For more detailed information on the features please have a look at the online documentation section.

Up User Comments

Enigma is widely considered one of the most addictive, polished and free puzzle games. Don't believe us? Here's what some of our users think:

“That cunning little game seems determined to steal what sanity and free time I have left. Entirely too much fun!”

“I have been playing Enigma since few days ago, and I would like to thank all the team for making such a good game, with no bugs, great graphics, very tought levels ;), and incredible playability.”

(corrected English)

“These games are so good that I cannot understand why they are not sold commercially. Anyhow, I am pleased they exist. I will watch your progress on your homepage. It must be a huge challenge to create such perfect games.”

“Enigma is the most fun game I have ever played.”

“Thanks for writing such a fun and exciting game. I just love puzzle games, and this is one of the best I've seen.”

“I've played a little bit Oxyd more than 10 years ago, but didn't get addicted to it. That's impossible when using Enigma.”

“It's the first puzzle game I really enjoyed - a great game! Really nice 2D graphics, a lot of variety, cute and well-designed levels … I liked the fact that sometimes it is VERY challenging - I've spent more than an hour to beat some levels!”

“This is a fun, original and challenging puzzle game that stretches your mind and has many, many levels. The game is also polished, professional, and non-violent.”

TuxGamer on Happy Penguin.

“I was amazed at what a great game this is. The basic puzzles excellent, and ordered very well by difficulty. But also the game is very polished, nice graphics and music, very simple user interface. What an outstanding example of a polished free software game? Every Linux distribution should include Enigma!!!!”

Anonymous on Happy Penguin.

“But what can I say? I have been playing the puzzle in every spare second ever since, and I'm still not tired of it, though some levels make me want to toss my mouse out of the window.”

“Enigma is the best game ever! […] My hand hurts from playing this so much. I can't wait to hit all the new levels!!!”

Scott aka “Great Scott”

“The whole game is non-violent, family friendly and so sth. for young and old one's.[…] But be careful, Addiction Rating for this game is: Super Hyper Mega Universe HIGH! Don't blame me for wasting your whole day or missing your dates while you play Enigma!”

JoTo on DonationCoder.com

“Oxyd again, Yay! Why did it take me so long to notice Enigma, after years of dead-Atari-Oxyd-deprivation? Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this wonderful game back to life and more!”

Tatjana Heuser

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping this wonderful code base (Oxyd -> Enigma) alive and well! I loved the original games (even back in the NeXTStep days!) but could never share my love of the game with other gamers because so few people ever knew the game existed. Now I'm spreading the word and hoping to get a new generation of fans to love this game as I do.”

Rorke Haining

“Personally I prefer the (typically easier) meditation levels, but there's plenty of variation and multiple skill levels so you're likely to discover a game style that suits your tastes - so long as you spend the time to explore all the options. Enigma might not be the prettiest thing around but it's a great freebie with an enormous number of classic remakes and original levels to choose from.”

Frank on The Mac Game Blog

“With a nearly endless number of levels and the entire world to compete against, Enigma's challenges will never run out. This game has something for everyone, whether you are in the mood for a tough puzzle or a quick test of dexterity. I strongly recommend anyone who likes puzzles to download and give Enigma a try.”

Ayhoe on AssociatedContent

Up In the press

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On “Linux Game Tome”, Enigma was even considered to be one of the highest rated games for Linux (as of November 2007), see here.

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