Movie Clips

Thanks to our active player community we are able to offer you a rapidly increasing number of movie clips. We hope that the clips will give you an insight into the versatile features of Enigma and will show you how other players master levels that look outright unsolvable on first sight.

On this page we offer download links to those clips the Enigma team did produce itself. You can download them and review them with any Flash Video supporting player like MPlayer, Realplayer, VLC media player, etc.

Downloading of large movie clips is useful, as you will likely review them many times. But you can view them, as well as numerous additional user clips, directly on this site in an embedded player. If your browser meets the required conditions, just press the button below.

Up Trailers of Enigma

We are proud that starting with Enigma 1.01 we are able to offer trailer movies introducing new features of every release.

  • Trailer 2 - introducing Enigma 1.10 / 1.20

    download (appr. 19 MB)

  • Trailer 1 - introducing Enigma 1.01

    download (appr. 17 MB)

Up Magic Moments of Enigma

From time to time everyone experiences magic moments while playing Enigma. Luckily some users did capture their highlights and share them with us. We composed the best of these magic runs for your inspiration and entertainment.

  • Magic Moments 1 - mastering Enigma 1.01

    download (appr. 9 MB)

Please share your magic moments with us!

Up Clips of Enigma Users

Several users did upload own clips to YouTube. To view them load the player via the button above.

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