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All links and some hints for downloading Enigma are provided on this page sorted by the following critera:

Up Stable Release (Version 1.30)

The sha1- and sha256-numbers below are checksums, with which you can inspect the authenticity and exactness of your downloads. They have no relevance for installing or playing Enigma.

    • Windows (tested on 7 and 10) Full Installer (1.30) appr. 91 MB
    • sha1 - c8540e71cdb0c8d869d0b416536bb5e11d18a9aa
    • sha256 - 45c8af9e80e58abc4a894b5c2e8f4662cd04f95d20db371a52056debf69e85f0
    • Windows (tested on 10) .zip file (1.30) appr. 103 MB
    • sha1 - 4692b889544465264eed8afe3d0c11527d4944ae
    • sha256 - caab7ec85f126acfc84434366544722b1adb809d4cf109fbed8a092cf5fd99d4
    • Windows (tested on 7) .zip file (1.30) appr. 103 MB
    • sha1 - b29d9b63abe85433f31be866bbc8e175197131bc
    • sha256 - 453ef2fa626f481d0a5263a5633becbb0c06765fa840e8eb8581aad1b1e24676
    • Mac OS (tested on Mojave and Big Sur) Full Installer (1.30) appr. 84 MB
    • sha1 - ea9809881326137f1b61080a270798cb657aea29
    • sha256 - a15a17b9399da9bc5cfdb085765de448a18a372340676e8d3d3913765e147e19
    • Source Code (git tag 1.30) .tar.gz (1.30) appr. 41 MB
    • sha1 - fdb2e37701f7a06bcb0f163466a0220a8c964d0f
    • sha256 - ae64b91fbc2b10970071d0d78ed5b4ede9ee3868de2e6e9569546fc58437f8af

All packages are available at GitHub.
Please report problems with any of these packages to the Enigma mailing list.

Installation on Linux:

The source is available as ".tar.gz", compile it with
and install with
  [sudo] make install
Binaries might be added later on, but right now we have no packages fitting any distribution. If you can provide us with some, we will happily add them to GitHub.

Installation on Windows:

Choose "Enigma-1.30-windows7and10.exe" if you want to install Enigma the regular way. You might need to first uninstall old versions. Alternatively, you can choose one of the two zip files. It will unpack to a directory, from which you can run Enigma directly, no further installation neccessary.

Installation on Mac:

Choose "Enigma-1.30.dmg", it is tested for Mojave and Big Sur, and should run also on Catalina. Homebrew is not required for the dmg. We could not test whether it works on M1 (Arm) based Macs; please inform us about your results. As an alternative, anyone with Homebrew can now install from the command line using
  brew install enigma
and can install as an app bundle in /Applications using
  brew install --cask --no-quarantine enigma

Up Old stable Release (Version 1.21)

    • Windows (tested on XP and 7) Full Installer (1.21) appr. 75 MB
    • md5 - ecf11c5b5508ef0155b0baa68605dde0
    • sha256 - 7c40f0e1ae7f97ccc268c5bf386c47b51688d5e8efc73e5b551ca961bcf6cf1d
    • Windows .zip file (1.21) appr. 81 MB
    • md5 - 6f8a4d72335f27d4e32e9347b3a43bb0
    • sha256 - b2709110cd1e4a26af1997112b9374a5cde2b7f02d8c7b249ac9d6a1fde46a98
    • Mac OS X Full Installer (1.21) appr. 64 MB
    • md5 - c605b740bac6e95bf1257217ff49a000
    • sha256 - 0aa999e69e5d7d496a9ed41188aee37415acc41f0d56e5071b5cbf56a750b818
    • Source Code, revision 2513 .tar.gz (1.21) appr. 57 MB
    • md5 - d2f4a099a704fdf7f12d024d2b7e6d1b
    • sha256 - d872cf067d8eb560d3bb1cb17245814bc56ac3953ae1f12e2229c8eb6f82ce01
    • Mac OS X Homebrew formula for compilation .rb file (1.21) appr. 3 kB, will download source (see above)
    • md5 - ec5f26da53d05abab43ae48742917c24
    • sha256 - 61d78650b7d585f45fdb85cd0d4c2bc0b86b3d46dfed29d60286df042408e182

Up Compiling from Source Code under Unix

In case your Unix distribution does not provide Enigma packages you may want to download the source package and compile Enigma for your own. This is usually a simple straight forward task.

Enigma depends on a few libraries and tools. Most Unix systems come with these libraries pre-installed these days. But for compilation you may need additional '-devel' packages besides the runtime packages of the libraries. Please verify that the libraries SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and Xerces are installed on your system.

For a complete list of libraries and programs that must be installed to compile Enigma, please refer to the file 'doc/REQUIREMENTS' that is included in the Enigma source package.

Once you have everything installed, building Enigma is as easy as typing

  ./configure && make && make install

in the enigma directory.

If your distribution does not provide the necessary packages, you can download them from the following web sites:

If you want to compile the current git development version, you will additionally need curl and libcurl4.

Up Announce Mailing List

If your are keen on being up to date on Enigma, we offer an announcement service for new releases via email. Just register yourself on the announce mailing list. The mail volume is limited to one mailing per beta or final relase version of Enigma, which did not yet exceed half a dozen mails per year.

Up Development version

Interested in the leading edge development version of Enigma? Enigma's development version can be downloaded from its source code repository at GitHub:

Please refer to the development page for detailed instructions.

Up Old versions

For the 1.20-version of Enigma, please choose below.

    • Windows 32 bit (tested on XP and 7) Full Installer (1.20) appr. 40 MB
    • md5 - f1e0034d4bc75d13a4076bd6f34bb24c
    • sha256 - 91f5aadbd2515c312841f1a28055fbff3e961905daf2d6216b5a51eaac2afe99
    • Windows 32 bit (tested on XP and 7) .zip file (1.20) appr. 43 MB
    • md5 - b232877c81a9bc4df57501a1f392404f
    • sha256 - aec71667f1ab355a3fec230b188f0af7b05dbff1f51abb22a93f2c6255085e7a
    • Mac OS X universal (experimental!) Full Installer (1.20) appr. 32 MB
    • md5 - 36722bc08a6306532f07fe6fb09030ae
    • sha256 - 28fc02ed38fe4575aadf83d5057a00a51c19f8852c42df7a81ada4dad4328862
    • Source Code 32/64-bit compatible, revision 2334 .tar.gz (1.20) appr. 36 MB
    • md5 - 5871158e07e675d1472f3cfc2a6557ff
    • sha256 - f2ae2377a37a1fba85ef884f3762b50e191107e1d4520d4e2e0c21901d19758b

For the 1.01-version of Enigma, please choose below.

    • Windows '95 and later, including Windows 7 Full Installer (1.01) appr. 15 MB
    • md5 - d2a8a16453880660647afd4111d0c81f
    • sha256 - 2d34428d57e52bff9338d358fa37d74326c6c51849fa2e8a1aedbe0d2cb12245
    • Windows '95 and later, including Windows 7 Minimum Installer (1.01) appr. 11 MB
    • md5 - 1c434e0cc327478228c828e9fe457773
    • sha256 - 10391c3a09530221671c16dbae2653132d82566f84fab50de420e4f437477d09
    • Windows '95 and later, including Windows 7 Minimum Zip (1.01) appr. 11 MB
    • md5 - 269afb849ec00966a9a4fe8488689143
    • sha256 - a738a8b1508675bfaf12db07b7bdb42356f013f4c2d5c2a494516d78d25070a1
    • Mac OS X universal Full Installer (1.01) appr. 18 MB
    • md5 - 693576941ab19020d82b44095e0f4699
    • sha256 - e2822599dfc8e0a888d729f5ad2ce7cdbf2e1e87bca508c8da76c48fbb0023ab
    • Slackware 10++ Package tgz (1.01) appr. 10 MB
    • md5 - fb1591cb075d380304b4f91c27d95c89
    • sha256 - 65d31f3e4a78db7850dd1016ad1eee66794fdec985c3470619e1468bbba25f45
    • Source Code 32/64-bit compatible, revision 1914 .tar.gz (1.01) appr. 10 MB
    • md5 - f60ccc10326b49b558e4e280075b0e70
    • sha256 - 991ca677def3ecda3d52b3cc6ea2b0e8393c47f61168a30ffa9efc9069ffedad
    • Previews Zip (1.01) appr. 4 MB
    • md5 - 770f81e8d8ef92d8374c8932c3e1a26e
    • sha256 - a8ab7a03ce6547e86c44aa9962e171417cb63f8bc2b3527af9da42637e6115b6

Due to changes in source code repository and download servers, older versions of Enigma can be found on different servers. Have a look at

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