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2007-03-28: Top News

New homepage, now with Top News!
Read brief news around Enigma here.

2007-05-26: Enigma 1.01 Released

Enigma 1.01 is a bug fix and level addition release with some small feature additions.

2007-05-26: Enigma 1.01 Released

All compilations inclusive Mac OS X are now available. See recent news for details.

2007-07-27: 100 000 Downloads

Enigma release 1.01 shows again more than 100 000 downloads since end of May.

2007-09-01: 100 Score Submitters

We welcome user “dpl” who is the 100th active score submitter since Enigma 1.00.

2007-10-02: More than 10,000 level ratings

This month we reached the 10,000-ratings mark. Thanks to all the sedulous players, who sent us their opinions!

2008-01-02: Happy IV/2!

The Enigma Team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Let's hope for many new levels in 2008—some are already in the starting blocks…

2008-02-01: 100% Solved!

Congratulations to our Japanese user Ryujun who succeeded first in solving all levels of Enigma 1.01 in easy and difficult mode.

2008-03-14: 500,000 Downloads!

In 2 out of 3 statistics, Enigma jumped the 500.000 downloads mark on the Berlios server. This includes downloads from 0.92 up to 1.01. Thanks to all players who made this possible!

2008-06-17: Two addenda

We now have a comment from Jacob to his last LotM, you can read it here. AND, we got a great map of the Level of the Year 2007, “Island Labyrinth”, from Shoki. You can download it here.

2008-08-29: Marbleous!

With this we present a new column on our homepage, starting with Mecke's series “The Novice”! Read here about his first adventures, his experiences and thoughts as “novice”.

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