The Novice — Alcatraz: Get out of the straightjackets of this world

Alcatraz – symbol of incarceration – but also for outbreak, release – here in Enigma a wonderful level. Combine the provided stones, until the releasing “hole” in the wall lets you out. A nice metapher. Ronald's “Houdini” as another terrific example of Enigmian escapology: The marble, tied up and surrounded by thieves, who want to take from you even your last belongings: Be an acrobat, dare it, risk the jump. Tame the horses, use their jumping powers, get the keys and open the all-obstructive doors: NO TRESPASSING! Supply yourself with the freedom you need. Reorder things. In “Map It Out”, escape is futile, combination and orientation lead you to success in this “faceless” extreme maze. The list of labyrinths, mazes, castles, temples, thieves' lairs can be extended: Have fun! And when you succeeded with your way into freedom, and reached the oxyds: Level won! Let's get into the next “challenge”.


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